I got my first IPSY Glam Bag today, and I’m totally in love with it! For $10/month it is by far the best subscription box service I’ve used!


First, let me start with the real make up bag everything came in. It’s a real bag! I have been wanting a smaller bag I can put in my purse or backpack, and now I’ve got one!

I got a very nice sized shampoo & conditioner from the John Frieda Full Repair line. They both smell delicious. I kinda hate getting shampoos & conditioners, but these were pretty good.

Also got a StarLooks Kohl Eyeliner in Obsidian. Now, I’m an eyeliner gal, so I think I’ll stick to buying what I do now, but it’s not a bad eyeliner pencil. I’m sure I’ll use it. So still, not a bad score!

Got my first NYX eye shadow (in Morocco), and I loved it. At first, not so much, but once I wore it, I loved it.

My absolute favorite thing in my bag this month? It’s So Big mascara by Elisabeth Mott. Leaves my lashes longer, more voluminous, and well-defined. I love this mascara! Definitely in my top 3!

Overall, very pleased with my first Glam Bag! I wish I had known about IPSY a year ago, I would’ve bypassed Birchbox.


3 thoughts on “IPSY

    1. It’s wonderful! I hope every month is as nice as this, because I can see myself becoming a long-time member. Already reviewed my items, but thanks for the reminder!

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