I got my first IPSY Glam Bag today, and I’m totally in love with it! For $10/month it is by far the best subscription box service I’ve used!


First, let me start with the real make up bag everything came in. It’s a real bag! I have been wanting a smaller bag I can put in my purse or backpack, and now I’ve got one!

I got a very nice sized shampoo & conditioner from the John Frieda Full Repair line. They both smell delicious. I kinda hate getting shampoos & conditioners, but these were pretty good.

Also got a StarLooks Kohl Eyeliner in Obsidian. Now, I’m an eyeliner gal, so I think I’ll stick to buying what I do now, but it’s not a bad eyeliner pencil. I’m sure I’ll use it. So still, not a bad score!

Got my first NYX eye shadow (in Morocco), and I loved it. At first, not so much, but once I wore it, I loved it.

My absolute favorite thing in my bag this month? It’s So Big mascara by Elisabeth Mott. Leaves my lashes longer, more voluminous, and well-defined. I love this mascara! Definitely in my top 3!

Overall, very pleased with my first Glam Bag! I wish I had known about IPSY a year ago, I would’ve bypassed Birchbox.


3 thoughts on “IPSY

  1. It’s a great Sub isn’t it?! I have gotten 4 or 5 glam bags so far and plan to stay subscribed! Be sure to review the products in your Glam Room to continue to match you to stuff you like!

    1. It’s wonderful! I hope every month is as nice as this, because I can see myself becoming a long-time member. Already reviewed my items, but thanks for the reminder!

      1. Awesome!! I didn’t know about the reviews so I missed them the first 2 mos. 😦 They have been great so far so I hope it stays that way!

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