Benefit Cosmetics

When I was subscribed to Birchbox they sent me one decent sample, and that was Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation in I’m Pure 4 Sure Ivory. I’ve used that sample for months now, and have to say that it’s the best foundation I’ve ever used! So when I got low on my supply, I went to Benefit’s website to order the full-size.


$36 is lot to drop on makeup (for me, at least), but I had to! They said shipping would be about a week, but to my surprise it arrived in two days! Plus, in addition to the two free samples I chose, they sent a free sample of their Big Easy cream, and their 15 Hour Primer too.

Today I ordered their Boi-ing Concealer. I can’t wait til that gets here. LOL

I have fallen in love with Benefit Cosmetics. I wish it wasn’t so expensive, but as long as the quality is this awesome, I can’t really complain, right?

And to think, out of the four or five boxes I got from Birchbox, that was the best sample they ever sent me!


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