Maybe it’s Maybelline!

Yesterday my mom was talking to a friend (about me) & told her,

Maybe she’s born with it!

Aww! It was very sweet of her & highly amusing to me; I was wearing my Maybelline Wonder Finish Powder Foundation! My mom & I got a good chuckle when I told her. She couldn’t tell I had any make-up on (reminder: take her to get new glasses!).

Anyway, I love this medium-coverage foundation. It applies easily, doesn’t get cakey & looks natural. A few pats with this & I’m ready to go! I especially like that I can buy it locally instead of online (there is something to be said about easy availability!) & at a reasonable price.

I also got Maybelline Mousse Matte Foundation. It was a BOGO, so you can’t blame me! If I loved the powder, then my feelings about this Mousse Matte Foundation can only be described as…euphoric! It applies easily & smoothly, mattifies, covers imperfections without the need for a concealer & leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. A little dab’ll do ya, too!

Maybelline Foundations

I still like my Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation, but am super happy that I rediscovered the awesomeness of Maybelline (when I first started wearing make-up I always bought Maybelline). Goes to show, expensive isn’t always better.


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