Merry Christmas!

Christmas Tree 2014

Howdy, fellow beauty junkies! It’s only a week until Christmas — I can’t believe how quickly it’s coming up! I need more time! I haven’t even started wrapping presents yet — oops! LOL

I don’t have a beauty related post for y’all, but I did want to show off our cute little Christmas tree — it’s a shorty, but our place is small, so it’s perfect! I put it on a two-tier end table, so our presents can go underneath it.

In the picture, I kind of cut off the angel on top, but she’s holding a little light. She looked awkward on top of the tree holding nothing, lol. No lights on the tree, but it doesn’t need any — when light hits it, it sparkles all on its own. 😀

How’s everyone else’s holiday coming? Are you as woefully behind as me? Do you have your tree up yet? Are your gifts all wrapped up yet?

I probably won’t have another post up until after Christmas, but I wanted to wish everyone a joyous holiday!

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