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Makeup galore!

The day before yesterday I ordered Benefit’s boi-ing Concealer, and to my surprise the UPS guy dropped it off early yesterday morning! To make things even more awesome, about 5 minutes later the mailman dropped off my IPSY bag!


I got the same samples from Benefit, except for one, the POREfessional Agent Zero Shine, which I’ve got to buy as soon as I can, because I really, really liked this powder.

The boi-ing Concealer is amazing! When I first opened it I wasn’t sure if I made the right decision buying it, but a little went a long way & it looked natural. I don’t know how I ever lived without a good concealer! Definitely a fan!

IPSY haul

From IPSY I got 4 items this month, but love them all.

I didn’t order the 15 Hour Primer from Benefit because I knew I was getting the Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer. I’ve never used a primer before, but I certainly plan to start! Usually I have to touch-up at least once during the day, but using this my makeup looks just as good as when I put it on. No complaints there!

The nail polish, Nicole by OPI, is a beautiful color, and while I haven’t used it yet, I can’t wait to! I just hope it’s not goopy like the Zoya from last month was.

The lipstick is bareMinerals marvelous Moxie in Get Ready. I love bareMinerals, and really liked this lipstick. It was a little darker than what I’m used to wearing, but it still looks nice.

And last is the be a bombshell eyeshadow quad in Bora Bora. I like this brand & the colors are very pretty.

Overall, this month on IPSY was a total win! I especially liked the colorful bag everything came in.

I’m going to have a ton of fun trying out everything I got this month, from IPSY & Benefit, for sure!

Benefit Cosmetics

When I was subscribed to Birchbox they sent me one decent sample, and that was Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation in I’m Pure 4 Sure Ivory. I’ve used that sample for months now, and have to say that it’s the best foundation I’ve ever used! So when I got low on my supply, I went to Benefit’s website to order the full-size.


$36 is lot to drop on makeup (for me, at least), but I had to! They said shipping would be about a week, but to my surprise it arrived in two days! Plus, in addition to the two free samples I chose, they sent a free sample of their Big Easy cream, and their 15 Hour Primer too.

Today I ordered their Boi-ing Concealer. I can’t wait til that gets here. LOL

I have fallen in love with Benefit Cosmetics. I wish it wasn’t so expensive, but as long as the quality is this awesome, I can’t really complain, right?

And to think, out of the four or five boxes I got from Birchbox, that was the best sample they ever sent me!

December IPSY bag

I received my December bag a few days ago & was having so much fun using my new makeup I almost forgot to review the products I got.


I know every month I gush about the bag the products come in, but this month the bag is awesome. Very cute & stylish.

I received the Mirabella Eye Blender Brush, which works a lot better than the cheap brush I was using. I didn’t realize how big of a difference using a good brush would make until now, so I’m very happy with this.

To go with the brush, they sent me the POP Beauty Eye Shadow Trio in Naturally Bare. Apparently there were a lot of ladies upset at getting this, but I adore it! I didn’t have any more neutral eye shadow colors anyway & I feel like this is something I can wear every day, instead of just for a night out.

I got an NYX lipstick in the shade Ceto, which I’ve used everyday since I got my bag. It’s more of a natural color, which I like sometimes. Not everyday is a bright red lipstick day, you know? Anyway, I love this lipstick. It’s creamy & at least for me the color doesn’t wear off as soon as some of my other lipsticks.

They sent me another nail polish, this time from Nicka K in a taupe color. My nails are already painted, so I don’t know how it looks on…but I’m really excited to try it. Maybe tomorrow, if I can find the time.

And the one item I was most looking forward to was the Be A Bombshell The One Stick in Flustered. This is supposed to be a blush/lipstick/eyeshadow in one. When I opened it & saw how bright pink it was, I was a little worried. I tried it on, though, & wound up really, really liking it (as a blush). A little goes a very long way with this & it lasts all day on me. Definitely one of my new favorite products!

November Glam Bag!

Last month I didn’t get my bag from IPSY & it really bummed me out…I look forward to my monthly make-up fix, daggumit!

This month’s theme was “Glam It Up” & I fell in love with every item I got (including the bag!).

November Glam Bag

The first item I saw when I unzipped my bag was the Pixi Bronzer in Subtlety Suntouched shade. This stuff is amazing! Just a little makes a big difference, especially on me.

I had bought my first, cheapo, bronzer from the dollar store like a week before getting my bag. It worked OK, especially since I was just experimenting, but this Pixi Bronzer kinda puts the cheap stuff to shame.

Be A Bombshell Lip Crayon in Shameless. At the time I got the cheap bronzer, I also bought a Revlon Lip Crayon (which I love), so I was really excited to try the Bombshell Lip Crayon. I like it & will use it, but the color is a little too dark. My husband said it looked good, though, so go figure! I was also disappointed in how quickly the color wore off. I haven’t checked the price of this versus the Revlon version, but I’ll probably stick with buying Revlon.

I’m an eyeliner & mascara gal, so I let out a little squee of happiness when I saw the EM Cosmetics Clean Volume Mascara in Black. This is the most awesome mascara! It looks just as good at the end of the day as it did right after I put it on. Plus it doesn’t make my lashes brittle.

I love eye makeup, but don’t usually wear eyeshadow. Seeing BH Cosmetics Baked Eyeshadow in Sun in my bag, I wasn’t too excited at first. It really looks good on me, though!

StarLooks Gem Eyeliner Pencil in Amethyst. At first I was really, really ticked that I got this. It’s sparkly, and a light shade, and I just had my reservations about it…but IPSY didn’t disappoint here, either. While I think it’s more of a “night out” shade, I really do like it! The liner itself is very creamy. I wouldn’t mind getting one in a shade that I’d wear everyday.

I haven’t had a good manicure in months, so Nailtini Nail Lacquer in Champagne came at just the right time! Again, wasn’t too excited about the color, but it looks better on than in the bottle. Wouldn’t mind getting more polish from Nailtini, either, as it dried incredibly fast compared to my Julep polishes.

Overall, I’d say this month was awesome to be an IPSY member! I can’t wait until next month!

Avon day!!

Today was Avon day!

I finally got the black waterproof Glimmersticks eye liner. It’s been on back order for 2 months, but the wait was worth it. Totally in love with this eye liner!! It goes on smooth and really lasts all day.

I also got the Mega Impact eye liner in black. Which had been on back order for 1 month. Long-lasting for sure, but the liner is so thick it makes me look goth or something.

I had ordered more, but everything was sold out. Bummer.